Artist’s Statement

I got seriously interested in fine arts during the year 2010 and started to photograph and visit art exhibitions and museums around Europe. At the time I was working daytime in technology company. On my free time I studied photography technique on my own and later also in the evening program in Hyvinkää Art School. In photography I have been interested in physically built situation pictures, in which I have used a light-painting technique to enchance the surrealistic atmosphere. 


I applied and got in to the Academy of Fine Arts Helsinki in 2015 to study in Bachelor’s program. I was encouraged by getting in to the school and decided to quit my dayjob in technology company. Since that I have been full time Fine Art student. 

In the Academy I got access to different art forms and got also interested in sculpture, which is my main interest at the moment. 


The most common materials in my sculptures are steel, ceramics and electronics. My works are colourful and have playful shapes. They are experimental, but are always done with good materials and finished details. 


When I’m planning a new sculpture, the first step is to sketch different shapes quickly on a paper. I’m not searching anything – only there to find something. I might find the most incredible and beautiful things from picture drawn in five seconds. When I’m looking through the finished pictures, my mind goes far away in thinking process. I’m thinking different options regarding the deeper meaning the piece, new techniques and ways to use materials. First of all I’m figuring out how to make the idea and vision alive, to a physical object. Im not drawing for the sake of drawing, it’s more like a window – or gate – which opens a whole new space to enter. This tiny moment of realization might lead me to hours and hours of searching knowledge of things new for me, which might be useful later in artistic working process. The method is a tool which allows me to combine an orange, a drill hammer and a piece of liquorice to something new and miraculous.